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Safe operation - instructions for installation of solenoid valves:

1. Read the product instructions carefully before installation, check whether the product meets the requirements of use, remember the key points of installation, and make preparations.
2. Check whether the parameters of nameplate are consistent with the parameters of selected products. The power supply voltage should meet the range of rated voltage fluctuation: AC+10%-15%, DC+10%-10%. The coil assembly should not be disassembled at ordinary times.
3. Flush the pipeline with 0.3 MPa pressure before the solenoid valve takes over, and remove the metal powder, sealing material residue and rust scale in the pipeline.
4. Attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the medium. If dust and impurities in the medium interfere with the normal operation of the solenoid valve, the filter screen of the filter valve should be installed in the pipeline (> 60 mesh).
5. Solenoid valves should not be installed in the low concave of the pipeline, but in the discharge pipeline of the container. Attention should be paid not to be drawn from the bottom of the container, but should be installed at a slightly higher position at the bottom of the container.
6. If the medium will cause water hammer, then the solenoid valve with the function of waterproof hammer should be selected or the corresponding preventive measures should be taken.